Monday, March 27, 2006


CD5 Endorsement

Not that there's actually going to be one. Considering the numbers, it's entirely possible that out of 200-plus delegates, not one candidate attracts the support of more than fifty, and a bunch of candidates move on to the primary.

But I have to say, Jorge Saavedra makes a strong case for valuing the CD5 DFL's endorsement. Instead of getting out to the suburbs to campaign for other DFLers in contested seats, how many of these urban stars will be busy on their own campaigns for Sabo's seat in Congress? The Greens do have a better chance than the Republicans of picking this seat off, but it's not a strong one at all. It's really a simple matter of team management. That second ring of western suburbs is trending blue, but that doesn't mean its DFL candidates don't need their DFL teammates' assistance to close the deal.

Watch out later tonight for the transcript of my upcoming (if all goes well, around 7:30 tonight) interview with Shelley Madore, DFL candidate for the state legislature in district 37A. :-) The
post will be up as soon as I can edit it down a bit, probably by 8:30-9 PM.

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