Saturday, March 18, 2006


Bright and Early

Does this happen to anyone else? You get to the end of a long work week, and spontaneously wake up.....BEFORE the birds on Saturday?

I'll be at my Senate District Convention today, rocking out with my fellow West Metro Dems. Perhaps some of you I'll see there. Good luck to all.

Oh, and MDE, if you're reading? DFL Kingmaking? Seriously? Tim Pawlenty for Senate 2002, Norm Coleman for Senate 2002, Mark Kennedy for Senate these ring a bell? I seem to remember "rumors" of Rod Grams being very upset with the MN-GOP that he was being pushed out of the running for this year's GOP nomination. He would certainly have been a viable candidate. Harold Shudlick may not be a viable candidate, but he legally is a candidate. At least the DFL saw fit to hold a straw poll on the US Senate race.

In any case, happy weekend to all, and I hope St. Patrick's Day and the morning after were kind to you and yours :)

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