Thursday, March 09, 2006


Anti-Funeral Protest Bill Passes the House

This is a good thing. The House passed Rep. Smith (R)'s bill, which is "neutral on the content of the protests." I like the way this is worded as well - as long as it's framed as a protection of the grieving family's right to mourn in peace, it should stand up against the inevitable court challenges Mr. Phelps and his followers will bring. I dare not call him a Reverend, since I take the term literally - Reverends should revere life and love in all their various forms, and it is now obvious that Phelps and those who accept his hateful teachings do nothing of the sort.

Could it be turned into a campaign issue? Probably. A good one, too. But it's so much more important for our political leaders to do what each and every one of them, party notwithstanding, knows to be right and just. Perhaps this bipartisan response of disgust and overwhelming opposition to these deplorable protest tactics will give Phelps and his little army of bigots a mirror to gaze into for a while.

Blogger Norwegianity said:
I'm a bit disappointed no one amended the bill to include weddings/civil unions, bar/bat mitzvahs and baptisms.

It's sad that we need the force of law to restore civility to our political discourse, but that's life when you have a president who deliberately sows the seeds of internal discord for political advantage. When things fall apart, it gets messy and you have to declare some things off limits.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
I would include the current Governor in the sowing-the-seeds-of-internal-discord barrel too, with his recent statements against illegal immigration. Pawlenty seems to have backed off just a bit, at least mentioning legal immigration and the contributions immigrant families make to the community, but it's blatantly an election-year wedge issue, trying to capitalize on worry instead of building on community.
Blogger MNSpectator said:
What are the legal prospects for this? Sounds like a First Amendment challenge would be pretty likely (and it pains me to _no end_ to even come that close to supporting Phelps' views, I assure you).
Blogger Amanda Lynn & Joshua said:
We are writting our Appellate Brief for Legal Research & Writing II on the subject. Would love to send you my brief once its done. I was assigned to write on behalf of Phelps, which was interesting. Here's the preview of it on my blog...
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