Tuesday, March 28, 2006


And Then There Were ...... Twelve. Sort of.

Rebecca Yanisch has stepped aside in the crowded race to replace Martin Sabo in CD5. From her letter to CD5 DFL officers:
Just a quick note to let you know that I've decided not to continue to pursue the race for Congress. Watching the conventions and candidates last weekend, it is very obvious that we are spending too much in staff, volunteer and financial resources to run against fellow Democrats instead focusing on winning against Republicans. I also strongly believe that having 12 people in the race makes it very difficult for delegates to come to a consensus. We need to endorse a candidate on May 6th and hopefully, my stepping aside now will help that happen.
I'd expect at least one or two more of these announcements over the next couple of weeks as candidates gauge just how much support they'll be able to gather in a very short cycle.

One more time - read that interview!

Blogger mike said:
From my prespective it looks like a 2 way race between Erlandson and Ellison with the only Wild Card being one of these less established candidates somehow gaining some traction.

As we saw with the California recall a few years back these sort of races tend to sort themselves out much more easily then it initially seems.
Blogger LeaningLeft said:
I think it is going to come down to three - Dorfman, Ellison and Erlandson.
You can't dismiss Dorfman - she is a Hennepin County Commissioner whose district covers 40% of CD5 and some of this suburban - something none of the others bring to the table. She also has some DC experience having been a former congressional staff person and it sure would be nice to have another woman in congress.
She has proven, progressive leadership in leading the fight for the smoking ban, fighting for affordable housing and helping the homeless as well as fighting for Wellstone's Mental Health bill - sorry I know this sounds preachy - I have just been reading her website and lit and saw her over the weekend - she was fabulous!
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
The Dorfman/Ellison/Erlandson scenario seems to be resolving into Conventional Wisdom. There has been some talk that an outsider could secure the endorsement and build momentum on that basis, but I can't see that happening with these heavy hitters in the race, each with their own established bases, fundraising networks, and constituent support.
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