Friday, March 24, 2006


And Then There Were Three

I tried to find the original post where I wondered out loud if Ford Bell would be interested in running for Congress against Jim Ramstad, but to no avail. Maybe I'll utilize my nifty new Google Search bar once I publish this one. ([UPDATE]: Here it is. Looking back, I find myself wondering just who Mike S is in real life. Onward) Anyway, I thought of it last night in reference to Kelly Doran dropping out of the gubernatorial race. Mr. Doran also lives in CD3 (Eden Prairie), and it's worth noting that, as far back as last summer, several DFL activists asked him point blank to stay out of the Senate race, and to run against Ramstad. If he had put his considerable financial resources to work there instead of in a crowded field to face Pawlenty (some estimate he's spent close to $2 million), then at very least we would have a credible challenger to face one of Minnesota's safer Republican incumbents.

But there's always 2008, I suppose. A second race switch is out of the question, in my opinion. Although he technically hasn't held his press conference yet (it's coming up at 1 PM), it's safe to say this simplifies the field a little bit, especially heading toward the September primary.

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