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Um...So. Wow? Peter Idusogie, nee of the 2nd CD DFL primary (and got spanked), now running from Inside Minnesota Politics to....the Senate?

Not the State Senate. The U.S. SENATE.

I listened to the latest IMP via their nifty little homepage audio widget. I honestly don't know how to feel about Mr. Idusogie jumping into the Senate race. I can't tell from where he plans to draw support, from whom he will raise the insane amounts of money it will take to win (not just run, win) this race, and I can't tell what makes him think, quite frankly, he has something to offer that one of the three major candidates does not.

On the solely blog-related side of this move, it will be interesting to see how IMP does with Wendy Wilde in front of the microphone. If a bit, shall we say, caffeinated, she was always relatively entertaining on Air America, and should at least be worth listening to.

But the title of this post still stands. This most definitely takes the cheese for Most Random Political Move of the Cycle.

[UPDATE]: In the comments you can see Mike McIntee's notes, but he is correct - the endorsing convention did take multiple (3) ballots, and Mr. Idusogie did not run in the primary. My apologies for a hastily-written and not-closely-researched-enough post. However, my concerns regarding Mr. Idusogie's candidacy still stand - having run once as a DFLer, I fear that if he has any influence over the final outcome, it will be as a spoiler, and it won't spoil a thing for Mark Kennedy.

Blogger Michael M said:
I believe the 2004 CD2 DFL endorsing convention went three ballots before endorsing Daly over Idusogie. There was no primary challenge to Daly. It was Daly who had the large loss in the general election to John Kline.

Wendy is fun to listen to and even more fun to work with. We've already got a very interesting show lined up for next week. Hope you listen!
Blogger Ross said:
The reason i believe he is running is because Amy Klobuchar is a terrible candidate, she was annointed by senators from washington, who forced wetterling out, and she is overall a weak candidate. Idusogie is not afriad to stand up fight for what he belived in, i was a delegate for him in 2004, and it went to 3 ballots for Daly to get the nomination and her supporters did so by saying that peter was not a fit for the district because he ws black!! pretty outrageous i know, and we all know how well Mrs. Daly did that november, so get your facts straight before you start making claims you know nothing about.
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