Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Will someone explain something to me?

Perhaps I'm missing something in the Minnesota Republican Party's line on Amy Klobuchar regarding rising crime rates in Minneapolis. How exactly does her role as County Attorney allow her to affect actual crime rates? Shouldn't the GOP be talking about the ability of the County Attorney's Office, under her leadership, to put those offenders behind bars?

Perhaps those statistics don't play well with the standard GOP strategy of trying to inspire fear in voters for the sake of winning elections.

In somewhat related news, has anyone else noticed how frequently Ron Carey and Steve Sviggum call any DFL leader an "out-of-touch liberal" or variance thereon? If confronted with such a question, their response would no doubt go something along the lines of "well, yes. Every elected DFLer in this state is an out-of-touch liberal, we're just being honest."

This explanation is preposterous. If DFLers are so out of touch, how do they keep getting elected? And in numbers such that they dominate the State Senate and essentially stand at equilibrium in the House? Do they (-gasp-) represent their constituents? Do those constituents (-gasp-) comprise a large percentage of Minnesota's population? Do Republican officials love to (-gasp-) conveniently forget about how much of Minnesota's population, tax base, and economic activity is contained in the Twin Cities when they wax poetic about "the mainstream" and what they call "values"?

Perhaps. Perhaps the proof will be in the pudding this November, when we see the results of state-wide races.

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