Tuesday, February 28, 2006


U-DFL candidate forum wrap-up

Whew. My hands hate me right now. The event turned out to be better-attended than I originally thought it would be, and definitely provided the attendees with a solid understandings of the three candidates onstage. Once again Mike Hatch was conspicuous for his absence.

[UPDATE:] It's Wednesday morning, and I've updated the actual coverage post a bit, just a bit of reformatting, notes that came to me after the fact, and editing a little bit of useless content.

  • Meeting Eva Young of LloydLetta. I strongly advocate a Silly Hat rule, that all of us local bloggers must follow at these events so we can identify each other. Sneaky gestures or secret handshakes are also a possibility.
  • Steve Kelley's zinger at Kelly Doran regarding re-hiring ineffective leaders vs. bringing in an outsider to get the job done. Doran was definitely not expecting a response to a practiced piece of stump-speechery, and Kelley's response was strong, concise, and sharp.
  • Becky Lourey's story about the cow uterus, and her story about being called an F-U-C-K-I-N-G-B-I-T-C-H in a public forum on flag-burning (yes, she spelled it out verbally). Personable is one thing she definitely is.
  • The U-DFL cutting off each candidate at least once when their time had expired. It takes a lot of guts to interrupt anyone when they're speaking at an event like this, let alone two state legislators and a respected businessman.
If you haven't read about it already, get over to Polinaut (too tired to link to it right now, just click the link over on the left :-) ) and read about the GOP CD mailing and all the info Bob Collins has found about it. This thing could have legs - people go berserk when anyone mentions "Spyware" or "Identity theft", and hanging those little anvils around the collective necks of the state Republican Party could be a very bad thing for them indeed.

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