Friday, February 10, 2006


This is what I've been saying

Good to see more and more folks in the blogosphere picking up on what I've been saying for months :) Broken Nails has the right idea about a certain candidate for Governor. We are now inside a month until the precinct caucuses, and here's the situation:

--One candidate has ignored the party activist base and various
opportunities to meet opponents in respectful debate
--One has a decent idea - run as a centrist from the start - but has ignored
the opportunity to raise money for a true grassroots effort in favor of
loaning his campaign almost two million dollars. The DFL is the party
of the people - this won't gonna work.
--Another fires up the base, but has not demonstrated a strong ability to
raise money, a necessity when running against an incumbent whose
fundraising totals are very good.
--The last has engaged DFL activists for almost nine months, raising a
very considerable sum of money given the uphill name recognition
battle, enlisted the hard work of a great campaign team, has a solid
grasp of the issues facing Minnesota, and knows how to talk about the
values that inform his policies and decisions.

What's not to like? By all means, it's not a rhetorical question, either. I've put my money and my professional time where my mouth are; I'm not just a fan boy on this one. Get yourself to a candidate event or fundraiser before the caucuses next month. I'm confident you'll join Broken Nails and yours truly in our thoughts on the gubernatorial race.

Unless you're Republican Minnesota. In which case...there's nothing I can do, you're too far gone.

[UPDATE]: Link fixed. Sorry about that (to the one, possibly two people who actually saw it before T+J did.

Blogger Truth and Justice said:
link to doran (One) is broken
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Ack! Link fixed. Thanks for the heads-up
Blogger anon95 said:
Actually not fixed. The first is linked to Kelly Doran. The second to "Kelley" Doran. I'm assuming you mean Mike Hatch on the first and Kelly Doran on the second...but that's just a guess.
Blogger Tony Muehlbauer said:
What's not to like? How about a complete lack of charisma and name recognition? A "great campaign team"? I think Senator Boring has a staffer in Duluth that is clinically crazy (I am in no way referring ot the Iraq sign thing).
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