Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Quick Hits

Rasmussen Senate Poll: Amy Klobuchar and Ford Bell both outpolling Mark Kennedy, who's really going to be the goat of the Republican Party if his all-star fundraising list can't produce better than a 42-45% showing in the general election. To be polling this low, this early, with pretty strong name recognition around the state, and in a poll done by a well-respected right-leaning pollster - Kennedy is in big trouble, and we haven't even had caucuses yet.

Kelly Doran today on MPR's Meet the Candidates series on Midday. Give a listen. Broken Nails has a somewhat negative roundup on Mike Hatch's appearance yesterday, and apparently does not like the Attorney General as a gubernatorial candidate too much.

Martin Sabo has a challenger for the 5th congressional seat - from the left. I don't think Mr. Nelson-Pallmeyer has much of a chance, but it is interesting to note that the anti-war community is vocal, growing, and willing to put its weight behind candidates for national office.

That other post is coming, I promise. Stay tuned.

Blogger ShimmyShimmyCocoPuff said:
Klobuchar's ex-boyfriends must be from out of state, maybe Yale where she went to school.

She needs more boyfriends to get her poll numbers up or she could dust off the ZamBonie.
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