Friday, February 24, 2006


MN Senate candidates

I'll admit that winning more seats in the State Senate isn't crucial for the DFL - but given that redistricting issues come up in 2010, and Minnesota's legislature takes care of that little issue, I wouldn't mind having a rock-solid two-thirds super-majority. So, in the spirit of my earlier post on the House, here are DFL candidates running in open seats or against Republican incumbent Senators:

04 - Mary Olson, Bemidji
25 - Jessica Peterson - Not sure about this one. No dates on the website
38 - Jim Carlson - Also not sure about this one - but pretty sure.
41 - Andrew Borene - We've heard about this guy before. This race should be a gimme given the positive press he's gotten. Solid website, and he's got a blog too...mmmm, blog.
42 - Carol Bomben, Eden Prairie. I've met her briefly and she's great.
48 - Mike Starr
53 - Sandy Rummel. Not sure, but it looks like she's running this year. Anyone from SD53?
62 - Alex Eaton. Another blog-based website. This is Wes Skoglund's district, and should be a keeper for the DFL, but if memory serves, there are more candidates in this race already than just Eaton.

So there you have it, folks. Eden Prairie is a somewhat tough spot, and Edina has a historic reputation as being a bit red at the polls, but both of those areas trended toward the DFL in the last election - I like Borene's and Bomben's chances. As with the House post, anyone who knows more about these candidates or has links to other candidates' websites, by all means, comment away.

Blogger anon95 said:
Apparently you didn't do a whole lot of research for this post.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
I always appreciate your candor. What am I missing?
Blogger lloydletta said:
There are 6 candidates in the SD 62 race. Scott Benson is a proven vote getter - and is the current City Council member in that area.

I don't have a sense of where the grass roots is going in that area. There was a candidate forum last week.
Blogger lloydletta said:
Carol Bomben is a great candidate. I've met her several times at Minnesota Women's Political Caucus events.
Blogger Deuce said:
You missed out on Mechanic's Union President Ted Ludwig who is a challenger for the endorsement in SD 25.

He's got a website up at
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