Friday, February 17, 2006


MDE and RF waving the flag again

And I quote:
-Bush-Cheney '04 Minnesota Veterans Coalition Co-Chairs: Lieutenant Colonel Joe Repya (U.S. Army, Ret.) - Repya volunteered for Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in August 1990 and joined the 1st Infantry Division in December 1990 as a member of the Aviation Brigade. He spent seven months on active duty in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq, flying combat helicopter missions. Active in the Minneapolis Iraqi community. General Dennis Schulstad (U.S. Air Force, Ret.) - Schulstad served as Minnesota Chair of Employers Support for Guard and Reserve. He served on numerous boards and commissions, and also served as a Minneapolis City Council member for 22 years. From Edina, Minnesota.

I don't know this Joe Repya character. I'm quite sure he served his country with distinction (a statement I'm not sure my Republican counterparts are willing to make regarding Democrat and DFL candidates for Congress who are also honorably-discharged veterans). But he's free to say what he wants in support of whatever policy or leader he wants to support, with the caveat that details of his involvement with those leaders' campaigns will be found. Google has the power. I must admit, it takes away from the inspiration factor of an ad like this to know that heavy hitters behind it are intimate with the Republican campaign machine. But this is all really just an aside.

Here's what I don't like about this whole situation. Defending the PFA ad is no more or less patriotic than calling it on its falsehoods and misleading statements. PFA wants us to believe that they're a patriotic organization, which I don't doubt, but what I do doubt is whether this ad is patriotic. It's not. It's politics, plain and simple. Perhaps MDE would be willing to explain to me how disagreeing vehemently with the ruling party and the tactics they employ constitutes a lack of patriotism? Perhaps they would be willing to demonstrate concrete examples of members of one major party or the other not supporting the troops in Iraq?

Until you can answer these questions, nothing you do or say regarding the PFA ad will impress me or make me think you're anything but partisan hacks who care more about winning elections than serving the best interests of Minnesota and the U.S. Mostly MDE, but this applies to anyone who dares to question the patriotism of anyone else solely based upon their agreement or disagreement with the country's leaders and their policies.

What would impress me? How about reaching across the aisle and together finding solutions, in lieu of blindly supporting a President over whose leadership ability there is considerable difference of opinion, that are, if not perfect, at least palatable for moderate members of both parties? In fact, I'll extend the first olive branch - we're reasonable people, right? Let's talk about how we can all support the troops, regardless of how we feel about their commander-in-chief?

I realize I might have to learn to live with disappointment on this one. But if you guys are willing, I am too.

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