Thursday, February 16, 2006


Local Candidate, National props

I don't claim to know what level of interest Joe Trippi and his people have in Minnesota, but they've made several posts about local and state candidates in these parts. Their latest concerns Andrew Borene, an Iraq part Deux veteran who's running for State Senate District 41 (Edina and west Bloomington) and a recent release from his campaign blasting a recent ad campaign. Perhaps you've seen it - the one with vets telling us how awesome the American presence in Iraq is and how the mainstream media only reports bad news and Iraq is the front line in the war on terror.... their claims would be all well and good if not for their direct descendence from Republican Party and Bush Administration talking points.

I've previously said that I don't know how much influence the war and opposition to it will have in local politics, but I like the position Borene is taking on this one. It's infuriating to see 9/11 imagery used in association with the Iraq war, since exactly zero Iraqis were involved with the 9/11 attacks, and Atta and his people were religious zealots whereas Hussein sought from day one to suppress religious interests in Iraq...the list of reasons goes on and on. HOWEVER, it is interesting to note some information about the publishers of that ad campaign: Progress for America Voter Fund, a conservative 527 group that seems to think Liberals are in charge in Washington and are pushing their policies on an unwilling populace. Not only are they wrong, but they are in cahoots with the worst of the worst our country's conservative movement has to offer.

So perhaps my earlier assumption was wrong. If Borene is as savvy as it now appears, and has a solid team working for him, perhaps national issues like the Iraq war can be leveraged at the local level. It will certainly be nice to expand the DFL hold on the Twin Cities into the suburbs, especially with recent gains in special elections in Minnetonka/Plymouth and St. Cloud. Pressure on Republican candidates = good. Chance at taking back the State House = better.

I know when my sentence structure breaks down to the point where I'm using math and English concurrently, it's time to end the post.

[UPDATE]: GO KSTP! For MDE's reference, the ad is not as much "supportive of the war" as it is "an attack against those who are against the war". Just a thought.

Blogger Truth and Justice said:
Interesting Note...The TV ad is only running in Minnesota.

Regardless of your position on the war, PDA must think Minnesotans are midwest hicks without intelligences and values to allow a one minute con job to supplant real content and discussion on issues. It's sad and scary and more than a little wrong.
Blogger Kevin from Minneapolis said:
And it is, of course, wrong for anyone to actually agree with the Republican Party or George Bush and if they do commit such a sin they should not broadcast their beliefs. Yes, yes.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
It's not that simple, TPO. It is absolutely wrong of them to use the faces of troops to say that the media is only reporting bad news - the media has been reporting all the news they get, there's just a crushing majority of negative stories coming out of the entire war, and has been since day one. That's what I take issue with, not their politics.
Blogger lloydletta said:
What I don't understand is this - Borene is running for state legislature. How is any of this relevant to the seat he's running for.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Oh it's not relevant at all - to the seat itself. To the campaign for that seat, on the other hand, it might be very relevant.
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