Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Jonathan Swift, eat your heart out

NSP has a not-so-modest proposal, and it's not just a blogger lovefest, exchanging links because we're the cool kids. We're not. But the idea of a "No-bin-Laden-advertising pledge" is a good one, and it's one that only Democrats can push on Republicans. Such a pledge would make no sense coming from a Republican candidate - after all, I think most folks watching their nightly TV shows know that the Republican party has repeatedly utilized the Scraggly-Bearded One and his Band of Merry Bombers in their political advertising and fear-mongering across the country. Why would a Republican candidate voluntarily cut one of their legs out from under themselves?

But a challenge from a Democrat - ahh, now that would be political theater. Put the screws to the opposition, forcing them to take one of two positions: Weak in the face of political opposition, or weak in the face of pressure from within the GOP to use fear as a political weapon. In this scenario, the DFLer making the move comes out looking pretty good as well. Either way, make the Republican candidate look weak. In light of DFL Senate's recent coverage of Scott Howell's upcoming work for Mark Kennedy's campaign, such a challenge might be just what the doctor ordered for several statewide races.

In other news, I've noticed that Minnesota Democrats Exposed hasn't been doing much, well, exposing of late. Posting items from local media and news releases from his former bosses at the state Republican Party and leaving a comment or three is not what I would call "exposing" local Democrats - it's just your average, every-day political punditry. Can anyone find out when MDE's last real "scoop" was? Doran's move into the gubernatorial race? Just an ounce of snark to add levity to all our days :)

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