Tuesday, February 28, 2006


In General Agreement...

...with this opinion column from the Crookston Daily Times on the issue of Governor Pawlenty's radio show.

If nothing else, the Democrats' complaints have put Pawlenty's radio show in the spotlight. Because of that, the governor is going to have to be more careful than ever about what he says on the air. He can't stray into campaign mode even for a fleeting second here or there, or he'll be called on it. Of course, he's been called on it before; the show has long been criticized by those who say it's nothing but a Pawlenty propaganda tool that doesn't allow any dissenting voices.

If increasing the public scrutiny of Pawlenty's radio show is what the Democrats hoped to accomplish in the first place, their ploy was a success. But their attempt to get the plug pulled on the radio show, and Pawlenty's response, once again have shown Minnesota voters that common sense goes right out the window when Republicans and Democrats lock horns in this state.

I'd say the move has been a success in that, as the author mentions, at least public scrutiny of the show is increased. I'd disagree, however, that it's a lack of common sense on both sides that is feeding into the conflict - I'd call it tactical positioning. The public might not be able to see the battle plan, but I think both sides have pretty comprehensive maps of the way forward, and this is just one little skirmish on that map.

Watch out for another post later today on the GOP's recent home DVD release, "How to Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying (by Exploiting Public Fear of Gays)".

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