Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I hope you won't call it nepotism

From Politics in Minnesota's newsletter:
Steve Kelley Has The Momentum
Buzz from the field of Democratic activists is that the most impressive candidate recently is State Senator Steve Kelley (D-Hopkins). Kelley, who has always been better known for his solid policy credentials than his political flamboyance, is lined up for strong support from the DFL
delegates with less than two weeks to go until caucuses.

Kelley has the unofficial support of one of the biggest blocks of DFL delegates: teachers. And while he doesn’t have an official endorsement from Education Minnesota, he does have the clear support of the majority of the rank and file who are likely to show up to their respective caucuses. For the last four years, there has been no bigger advocate for teachers than Kelley, who has been Chair of the Education Committee at the Capitol.

Kelley was always thought of as a solid candidate but his strong fundraising last year, and at the beginning of this year, has many delegates buzzing that he could be the perfect anti-Pawlenty in 2006.
From Backbone Minnesota's endorsement:

Kelley has left-of-center politics that will appeal to greater Minnesota. His campaign is doing the legwork, and people are following. People-power is pushing the Steve Kelley for Governor campaign. He is NOT the candidate of the failed DFL “good ol’ boys” club, the aged establishment that has kept Democrats out of the Governor’s mansion for the past two decades.
Steve Kelley is a candidate who will not dodge important issues or compromise his values to cater to the “swing voters”. Instead, by standing by principle Kelley will offer a clear alternative, and in turn “grow liberalism.” Kelley is an inspiring candidate with a strong track record of excellence in the Minnesota Senate. As a tireless crusader for education, Kelley has secured sustainable funding for K-12 and higher education. He will fight for these principles now as well - principles that will help keep Minnesota as one of the nation’s leaders in education.

Steve Kelley’s politics represent Minnesota’s spirit - politics that focus on the bread-and-butter issues: education, jobs, health-care, and transportation.

The Netroots must unite around one candidate going into the convention if we are to break the grip of the old guard of the DFL. Steve Kelley is that candidate.

I happened to be at a great event with the Senator last night in St. Paul, and if you didn't hear his interview today with Gary Eichten on MPR, I encourage you to go listen. Check out the new campaign blog while you're at it too. This isn't an exercise in carrying water. This is someone who only claims to have a bit of knowledge, a smattering of professional experience in the game, a desire to codify my thoughts on campaigns and politics, and the ability to type 90 words per minute. It's a plus, trust me.

Politics in Minnesota is absolutely correct - the Big Mo' is on the side of Steve Kelley.
I have worked for and supported Senator Kelley's campaign since the beginning for the same reasons I now support and endorse him for Governor of Minnesota. Politics is a dramatic game, and we in the Democratic netroots have a unique opportunity to make a dramatic difference in the future of our state.

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