Sunday, February 26, 2006


DFL Straw Poll Results

Via BBMN, here are the results:

US Senate:

  1. Amy Klobuchar
  2. Ford Bell


  1. Steve Kelley
  2. Becky Lourey
  3. Mike Hatch
  4. Kelly Doran

Sec. of State

  1. Mark Ritchie
  2. Christian Sande


  1. Rebecca Otto
  2. Reggie Edwards

Attorney General
Matt Entenza (tough one - he was on the ballot twice.

The event as a whole was fantastic. Pretty good music, good beer, games, campaign lit, the whole shebang. Unfortunately I could not stay to find out exactly what the percentages were on these votes - in fact, I couldn't stay past about 9:15, hence my reference to BBMN above. But here are some general impressions:
  • Rebecca Otto may be getting a lot of support from party regulars outside the Stonewall community, but it is in spite of her public speaking style. Her advantage is that Mr. Edwards wasn't extraordinarily clear either.
  • I've noted this in the relevant comments over at BBMN, but Becky Lourey is not good on her own stump. She came off as downright shrill last night, and while she has good ideas, she made factual errors, and clapped for herself in front of the microphone. This was not a candidate that a majority of Minnesotan voters are going to get behind in November, no matter how much she pushes her rural credentials.
  • It is interesting for several reasons to note that Kelly Doran got less support in the ballot box than the alleged "front-runner" who did not deign to show up - again. He is certainly a solid businessman, no one can fault him for being successful, but Mr. Doran has not done himself any favors with the DFL faithful.
  • There were a LOT of Steve Kelley stickers and buttons worn last night. A LOT.
In non-directly-campaign-related news from the event, the St. Paul DFL was kind enough to set up a table for bloggers. Sadly, none of my compatriots showed up to live-blog the thing, but I did see a younger guy with a camera - I'm off right now to root around, see if I can figure out who that was. Happy Sunday, and FIND YOUR CAUCUS LOCATIONS!

[IMMEDIATE UPDATE]: Broken Nails has the actual vote totals. Some interesting numbers, especially in the Secretary of State race - lots of undecideds were there.

Blogger jim said:
i am amazed that Klobuchar only got 65% of the votes. I figured she would have gotten no less than 70%.

Is Bell's message catching on with party activists?

plus i heard Klobuchar tried to stack the room with supporters after personally buying a block of 100 tickets.

Blogger Dan Weinand said:
To find your DFL Caucus Location check out DFL
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Bell's platform on the Iraq war is catching on with anti-war activists in the party, but I don't see it being enough to dissuade a large majority of delegates from supporting Amy K at the convention, nor primary voters at the polls in September. However, there is still time before each. I have heard/read that rumor, but don't have anything to back it up with, so at least in this space, it remains a rumor.
Blogger lloydletta said:
I might have stopped by this event, if I'd been invited. I think many would have preferred I stayed away.

Good for the St Paul DFL to set up a blogger table.
Blogger Velveeta S said:
Poor Eva.

Whatever makes a Republican blogger think that maybe the St. DFL didn't want her around?

Was it something she said?
Blogger StPaul_DFLer said:
Sorry, I was looking for the Minnesota Campaign Report and stumbled here upon the Kelley for Governor page.

You guys blow and have no credibility on the Gov's race.
Blogger Northern Debater said:
The DFL didn't do a good job of inviting bloggers to use their table (Most of us didn't even know it existed, even if we were there until late) and some of us don't lug our laptops everywhere. (they get heavy!)
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
You're right, ND, they didn't. I count it as progress, however, that the consideration is at least present, if not carefully practiced in advance of the event. We seem to have pretty good blog coverage after the fact, though, so at least we were there :) Next time, I propose we all wear some sort of silly hat so we can identify each other.
Blogger Craig said:
I am amazed that Bell could not even get 30% of the votes.

If Bell's message were catching on with party activists, he should have had a lot more support. If he can only get barely 25% at an urban liberal event, just imagine how low his numbers would be elsewhere in the state.

Bell's real appeal seems to be for the 25% or so of activists who are always against a frontrunner (no matter who it may be).
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