Friday, February 24, 2006


DFL candidates for MN House

I'm not too worried about the DFL maintaining a solid majority in the Senate. However, we're currently down by exactly one net seat in the House, after an extremely successful 2004 campaign that saw thirteen seats change hands. So how does the DFL regain control of the House of Representatives in St. Paul? By supporting these following candidates, whom I'm fairly certain are running in 2006, according to the DFL's website. Each of these folks is putting themselves on the line for either an open seat or a fight against a Republican incumbent. If I'm wrong or missing anyone, please let me know in the comments, otherwise, on to the list:

16A: Gail Kulick Jackson
17B: Jeremy Kalin
21A: Pat Mellenthin
25B, David Bly Campaign site is also a blog. Big plus.
29B, Kim Norton
36A, Mark Solomon
37A, Shelly Madore - Got almost 49% in 2004. Running again.
40A, Will Morgan - Also lost by an extremely slim margin in 2004, and is running again.
48B, Jess Langerud
53A, Wendy Benson

As I said above, if I'm missing someone, please let me know and I'll include them in a later post. However, let this serve as a public service announcement - if you live in one of the noted House districts, check out their websites, get in touch with the campaigns, and get active :-) Remember - even if only two of these DFLers are elected and we hold our gains from 2004, House leadership changes to the DFL. My money is on Madore and Morgan, but everyone on this list deserves some air time.

[UPDATE]: Or I might just include them here:
38B, Mike Obermueller

That's eleven DFLers, running in what, given recent and current indications, should be a down year for the local Republican Party after DFL gains in 2004. Music to my ears.

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Mike Obermueller in 38B
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