Saturday, February 18, 2006



I apologize for the recent cold spell. Seriously. Not two days ago, I turned to my fiancee in the car, and said "jeez, if it stays this warm, I might have to start riding (my bike) again soon."

Thus does Mother Nature demonstrate her sense of irony.

MN GOP Watch has a good read on Tim Pawlenty and Mark Kennedy running from the cold for a fundraisers in Florida. Could be a good angle. I wish I could agree with recent rumblings that Tim Pawlenty should give up his weekly radio address because he's obviously a candidate for re-election - unfortunately, the law is the law. Perhaps if there were new rules in place governing what types of fundraisers incumbents could attend before declaring for the upcoming race, or how much money they could raise, then there would be an issue - but oh well.

In other news, check out that hit counter on the left! At some point this weekend (not knowing when my next post will be) that dusty old zero in the fifth place over will creak over to 1. 10,000 hits in a few months, and Google Analytics tells me my traffic is accelerating linearly. This is a good thing, and I'm excited for the campaign season to kick into high gear. Many thanks to my readers - especially all you folks from the,, and domains. You rock. Whoever you are.

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