Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Stonewall Endorsements

Well, the cat's out of the bag. The Stonewall DFL has made their endorsements for the 2006 elections. Northern Debater (linked above) has some good points, especially on the State Auditor race. If memory serves, Rebecca Otto's district is relatively conservative, and she made some decisions as a state rep which, at the time, I would have considered entirely political (as opposed to ideological).

However, I'll bet you didn't anticipate me taking issue with ND's surprise at Stonewall's gubernatorial endorsement. How is this surprising? Not only is Senator Kelley very familiar with Stonewall issues (his brother is gay, and the Senator speaks passionately about their family's experiences), and not only has he consistently voted to protect and expand civil rights for gay and lesbian citizens (earning a 100% rating from Outfront Minnesota), but his campaign is going out of its way to get organizational endorsements from groups like the Stonewall Dems.

Plus, 62% isn't exactly squeaking by. Strategy by Lourey supporters (pushing for no endorsement when it was clear they weren't going to win) aside, Senator Kelley entered the process with strong support, and exited with an endorsement. Nothing surprising about that.

Blogger Northern Debater said:
I guess I'd been out of the loop. I did not know Steve Kelley's brother was gay or have I heard him talk about those experiences. I guess its not so surprising!
Blogger reciprocity said:
Reggie Edwards brother was also gay. Not only that, his brother died of HIV/AIDS, and his brother's partner (according to an email posted at Lloydletta) was fully accepted into the family. Reggie has also publicly stated that he would never support efforts to diminish anybody's civil rights. In addition, Edwards is also highly qualified for the position of State Auditor. These facts place him in opposition to Otto, and they are why I supported him.
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