Saturday, January 07, 2006


Star Tribune vs. MDE

Call me insane......but I'm not sure this Strib article about MDE has the right idea....

He has an agenda. So do the operators of Minnesota Republican Watch, Kennedy vs. the Machine, Dump Bachmann, etc. And that's their right. It's just one of the ways that the blogosphere is changing -- for better or for worse -- the political landscape. And while some of these sites are interesting and worth a bookmark, remember their purpose as you read their posts.

It's too bad. Blogs should strive to be something more. The mainstream media get rapped on the knuckles a lot, and rightly so. This new forum for investigative journalism and political discourse should be utilized for those purposes, rather than partisan hatchet jobs.

We should....what? Blogs aren't just news. They're not just entertainment. They're not just political hackery, and they're not just a forum - they're whatever their author or authors want them to be. While Mr. O'Brien is correct that we should always remember a blog's purpose as we read it, it makes me squirm when anyone says "this is what blogs should do" without really understanding that the choice to provide analysis or news or attack slime or humor is really up to the author.

Blogger lloydletta said:
I think he misses the point. I think he's a bit defensive about some blogs claiming to replace mainstream media. I think that is nonsense.
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