Thursday, January 12, 2006


Star Tribune Letters to the Editor

Current edition here: This is a great page, and deserves your frequent attention.

Some excerpts:

People are sick of wedge-issue electioneering strategies. This is not to say that immigration isn't an important issue. Even the governor recognizes immigrants are an important part of our Minnesota economy and our community life, and they built our state over the decades.

However, he just doesn't want that fact to compete with his more sensational message. Unfortunately, the governor has failed to approach this issue with sound research and a full accounting of the situation. He is casting immigrants as prone to criminal activity, and so far has refused to account for their economic contributions.

Most frustratingly, the governor is treating immigration as another distraction from the most substantial, challenging issues of the day.
--Becky Lourey

Regarding smoking bans in the Metro area:

Sue Jeffers thinks "smoking bans have little to do with public health" (Opinion Exchange, Jan. 8).

While her bar is located next to the university, sadly, Jeffers hasn't learned much. If she bothered to do any research, she'd know that tobacco smoke contains arsenic, ammonia, lead and cadmium. If she thinks those poisons and heavy metals are OK to ingest, I'm happy I don't eat at her bar.
--Tom Lehman

I've had the chance to meet Tom Lehman on a couple occasions; he's a great person and an active DFLer. As someone whose parents both smoked for most of my young life, I'm glad to see that business interests aren't the only ones who get their opinion heard in this particular debate.

As for Becky Lourey's piece, I'm glad to see her going after Tim Pawlenty on what is a heavy-handed attempt at wedge-issue electioneering. I'm not glad to see her giving any kind of credibility to Katherine Kersten as a journalist, but I suppose I'll take what I can get :)

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