Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Senator Kelley on CNN tonight

In keeping with the national attention being paid to Minnesota statewide races, I've gotten word today that Steve Kelley will be on CNN tonight during the 7PM hour, along with Scott Cameron, the Vietnam veteran who placed a sign entitled "REMEMBER OUR FALLEN HEROES" with a count of Iraq war casualties in the window of Sen. Kelley's campaign office in Duluth. I'll do my best to watch and post a review, but you should watch it anyway. Can't depend on me for ALL of your political news and commentary :)

[UPDATE]: With the coverage of the mine tragedy in Sago, the piece on the Duluth controversy turned out shorter than I had hoped, but I can't blame CNN for this one. Important things to remember -

The war is not the issue. It's about free speech, and supporting our troops however we feel about the war and those who gave the order to start it, and doing exactly what that sign that Scott Cameron put up in the window - REMEMBER OUR FALLEN HEROES. Is that as political as, say, a governor coming up with proposals on illegal immigration without noting how he will pay for them, because his party sees it as an effective wedge issue at the national level? It's just the right thing to do. Which is to say nothing of the integrity required to stand up for a volunteer who was immediately attacked from all corners conservative for seeking to provide factual information and public debate to the city of Duluth.

Was this a calculated political move by the campaign? I can say with a great deal of confidence the answer is "no." Let's employ Occam's Razor for a moment - which of the following is more likely?

1.) ...that the campaign sought office space next door to an Army recruiting station for the sole purpose of getting national news coverage of the candidate's anti-war message (which, while Senator Kelley is to the best of my knowledge personally against the war, hasn't been especially loud), or...

2.) ...that there was open office space on Superior St, the campaign snapped it up, and a Vietnam veteran and supporter wanted to foster free speech about the war and the heroic efforts of our troops by putting up a sign in the campaign's window to remind us all that war is hell and our fallen soldiers deserve to be remembered?

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