Thursday, January 05, 2006


Political Anagrams are fun!

And now for something completely different......go here -

I love this thing. It's fast, it's easy, and a hell of a lot of fun when one doesn't feel like getting other things done at work. On to the anagrams!

Minnesota Democrats Exposed = Pox or Decontaminated Messes
Minnesota Campaign Report = Paramagnetic Snooper Mint

Kelly Doran = Dark Lonely
Mike Hatch = Thick Ahem
Steve Kelley = Levelest Key
Becky Lourey = Rebuke Coyly
Tim Pawlenty = Want Emptily
Amy Klobuchar = Barclay Hokum.....I don't know. Nothing else was even close to funny. Anyone have anything better?
Mark Kennedy = Marked Kenny. Another weak one.

But the laugh title goes to Sue Ek -
Susan Ek = Sue Sank
Susan Ek = Ass Nuke

Indeed. In other news, I have no idea what a paramagnetic snooper mint is, but it sounds mysterious, awesome, and tasty all at once.

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