Thursday, January 19, 2006


An open challenge in verbiage

Once again the Republican attack machine demonstrates its chief strength - when Republican officials get caught with their pants down, yell and scream that DEMOCRATS DO IT TOO SO IT'S NOT SO BAD IT'S JUST THE EVIL IN THE SYSTEM.

Except this time, they're blatantly wrong. I challenge MDE and Republican Minnesota to explicitly define what their GOP talking points refer to as "Abramoff-related" monies. Shame on Pat Kessler for parroting these talking points, but the fact that they make it into the mainstream media makes them no less false.

So it's out there, guys. Define "Abramoff-related". RM is very careful in their wording to mention that Senator Coleman and Congressman Kennedy gave their donations directly from Abramoff to charity, but is also very careful to refer to donations received by the DFL as "Abramoff-related". Multiple times.

My best guess as of right now is that in RM's and MDE's parlance, "Abramoff-related" really means "from tribes who, at the time their political action committees made direct contributions to DFL politicians, also had contracts with Abramoff's lobbying firm. These tribes were also screwed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by said lobbying firm." Which, when you say it out loud, doesn't sound so bad - because it's not. It's perfectly legal, and not at all dirty, and instead of owning up to the fact that their party leadership is Owned-With-A-Capital-O by K Street lobbyists and advocating for change, the Republican attack machine chooses to reduce even further the populace's confidence in their government. Par for the course in today's political arena.

The challenge is still out there, guys. Prove me wrong.

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