Friday, January 20, 2006


Now this I respect

Always Right, Usually Correct has done something which is worth a read by us all with their Candidate Scoreboard. Although I disagree with a lot of the negatives they list for each candidate, especially in the gubernatorial section as well as their positions themselves, this is a postive thing - real, substantive, issue-based candidate analysis is vastly superior than the "Liberals are hippy idiots" and "Conservatives are all xenophobic wack-jobs" generalizations that truly get us nowhere as a political nation.

I would love to see the revival of substantive debate in the local blogosphere, along the lines of what MN Left and Right used to be way back when. It would be the sort of thing I would love to participate in, if there's anyone out there who would like to join. Any takers? MDE? RM? ARUC? Let me know.

Blogger Tony said:
Thanks very much for the acknowledgement. I have been wrestling with how to make the comparisons fair. After a debate is one thing...everyone answers roughly the same number of questions. But platforms from their websites...? Example: Loury's website has so little on it that her score is around Kelley's yet in all reality hers should be MUCH lower. Doran's website discusses many more issues in finer detail, yet his score should be closer to Jeffers than Kelley.

The other problem that I now foresee is a difference in exposure which will create the same problems as above.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.
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