Thursday, January 19, 2006


New WSJ/Zogby poll numbers...

...can be found here. Notes on Minnesota, considered competitive in both gubernatorial and senate races:

        DFLer  Pawlenty
Hatch   44.9   41.4
Kelley  38.7   42.2
Lourey  39.4   42.0

A couple of notes - All three challengers listed in this poll are within the margin of error, and Pawlenty never gets more than 42%. As I've noted before, he will not get above this number in a general election - he already has state-wide name-rec and the advantage of running as an incumbent. Sadly, these numbers include 5-8% for Peter Hutchinson, although Zogby lists him as Tim. Don't know who Tim Hutchinson is. As always, the DFL endorsement will be a key for both Steve Kelley and Becky Lourey in terms of organization and increasing name recognition in Greater Minnesota.

           DFLer  Kennedy
Wetterling 50.8   39.9
Klobuchar  48.6   42.8
Bell       42.8   43.3

Kennedy is in big trouble against either one of the women running for Mark Dayton's seat. As long as Wetterling and Klobuchar both stay outside the MoE ahead of Kennedy, the battle will really be between them in the DFL primary, and here's to hoping neither goes negative in desperation to win that vote.

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