Wednesday, January 11, 2006


A Marko vs. Rowley primary in CD2?

Recent news - Sharon Marko is not running for reelection in SD57. Rumors are rampant that she will challenge Coleen Rowley for the DFL nomination to face John Kline in November in the 2nd Congressional District race.

Is this a good thing?

Coleen Rowley has a modicum of nation-wide name recognition. This means that Democrats around the country know who she is, that she was an FBI whistleblower, and that she was ostracized by FBI leadership and the Bush Administration for her principled actions with the Bureau

Sharon Marko may not be able to compete with Ms. Rowley in terms of name recognition. However, in this particular case, I think Ms. Rowley's name recognition works against her. Rumor has it that her fundraising efforts have not been going well, even among out-of-state donors. More than rumor has it that Ms. Rowley's unseasoned approach to campaigning and politics as a whole has driven several influential DFL activists away from her campaign. Being a maverick is all well and good, but not knowing what you're doing can be deadly, especially in an election in a down year for the incumbent's party and in a district that, not too long ago, was held by a DFLer.

I'm not going to go out on a limb and support a candidate that isn't yet in the race. But this is one case where a contested primary might be in order. If Coleen Rowley gets her act together, learns how to run for office, and survives a primary, perhaps she is the right woman for the job. Chances of that happening between now and September? Still unclear at this time.

Blogger Demrock6 said:
I agree. A primary would be a practice run if you will.
Blogger Devon said:
Sharon Marko is a much better candidate than Rowley and will be a much better Congresswoman. Much like Patty Wetterling, Rowley is putting the cart WAY before the horse. You can't run before you learn how to walk!
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