Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Lourey Staff and MDE

Two unrelated items in the post title, really. MDE is out of the closet, so to speak - he has revealed his identity, confirming what Eva over at LloydLetta has been saying for months - it's Michael Brodkorb. I'll continue to read and refute where necessary, but this development does throw a wrench into sales of those I AM MDE t-shirts.

As for that post about Becky Lourey's staff hirings - I couldn't find as much information as I wished. Mr Barisonzi has been working for several years with a group called CommunityLeader, working in the Lyndale neighborhood of Minneapolis. His resume (available on CL's website) speaks to me of "synergy" and lots of other catch-phrases and keyword rah-rahs. Blackshaw worked for Paul Wellstone's 1990 campaign, and from what I've been told had a significant role in R.T. Rybak's campaign in Minneapolis, whether for better or worse.

I'm still skeptical of the timing. If Senator Lourey expects to fight for the endorsement in June, she doesn't have a lot of time to recruit delegates. We're rapidly closing in on two months to go before precinct caucuses, and while I'll wait for the numbers to come out, this time is important both for organization and recruitment, but also for fundraising. It's a lot of material to get organized in a very short period of time.

In national news, Jack Abramoff is going down, but not without dragging a few corrupt Republican Congressmen along with him. Please, please, please, someone from a conservative blog explain to me what they think of this guy and his "contacts" in Congress.


Blogger Mike S said:
Keep in mind that in 2002 Roger Moe announced his campaign just days or at the most weeks before the caucuses, and he went on to win. Most delegates don't even choose a candidate until right before the convention when they have had plenty of time to learn about each of them.
Blogger lloydletta said:
Lourey plans to run in the primary. So Steve Kelley is the only candidate who committed to abiding by endorsement. Does this mean Lourey thinks she can get help from some 527s (Moveon etc.) to get her through the primary.
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