Sunday, January 01, 2006


Happy New Year!

For all those who are on this silly, solar, Julian calendar thingie.


1. I resolve to post more reglarly in 2006. No longer than 36 hours between posts. It
is an election year, after all. Does it ever feel good to say that.

2. I resolve to do my best to stay out of the Gotcha Derby this year. Too often I think we bloggers get caught up in trying to raise our own reputation and profile instead of providing real commentary and debate on the issues and candidates. When we look back at this time years from now, these meaningless little pokes and jabs are the part I humbly predict we will remember least fondly.

3. I resolve to help elect the best DFL candidates we have to offices at the top of the ticket across the state of Minnesota. I hold no silly illusions that the DFL is made up wholly of knights in shining armor riding with nobility and honor. But I do believe that there are DFLers running this year who have the right ideas for the offices they seek, and to a far greater degree than their Republican opponents, deserve those offices and can provide the leadership they require. In some cases I've made it clear whom I support, in other cases I'm waiting to be convinced. But that's what the next ten months and eight days are for.

4. I resolve to click on more ads on local blogs. A lot of people around here work very hard to produce solid writing, and deserve to make a few bucks on Google's tab. Plus, you never quite know where those ads will take you; sometimes they're interesting. Especially the ones in my right sidebar :)

5. I resolve to floss every day and train to run a 10k. A guy can dream, right?

A safe and happy new year to all. Let us make the world better this year than it was last year for ourselves, friends, families, and everyone. Oh, and slightly smaller font sizes for your reading enjoyment. Let me know which you prefer.

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