Tuesday, January 10, 2006


A four-way gubernatorial primary?

Consider this possibility for a moment - Mike Hatch decides that turnout at precinct caucuses isn't up to snuff for him to abide by the DFL endorsement, and moves on to the primary in September. Kelly Doran plans from the beginning to run in the primary because, well, he has the cash, so why not? Now I get a comment from Eva Young (scroll down a couple posts for it) telling us that Becky Lourey is committed to the primary despite Checks and Balances showing her with a "ball-park" fundraising total that leaves her squarely in fourth place (we're still waiting on those official numbers, CF Board....) in the money race.

Then come the caucuses, and SD conventions, and CD conventions, and finally the state conventions. Delegates decide as a large group that their endorsement should go to a candidate who cares to abide by it, and has spent the better part of a year (by June) working for it...they give the endorsement to Steve Kelley.

Again, we're speaking hypothetically here.

A four-way primary? It's a foregone conclusion that Doran will run, but the DFL has to have some value to Hatch and Lourey's campaigns. I hope.

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