Wednesday, January 25, 2006


For one thing...

...well, all right. There are several things. From RM's latest (linked below):
Steve Kelley is wrong when he says Minnesota needs to return to"being the national leader in education, health care, transportation and renewable energy."

Why is he wrong?

Minnesota, thanks to Gov. Pawlenty and Minnesota's industries, Minnesota is already a national leader in these areas.
I beg to differ with Republican Minnesota's position on health care in Minnesota, with specific focus on gubernatorial candidates Steve Kelley and (ostensibly) Tim Pawlenty. Minnesota has traditionally been a leader in these areas, this much is true. But the values that led to the state's leading position in those areas - heavy emphasis on education, willingness to care for one's neighbors and fellow citizens, and willingness to pay for these values to be enacted into law - require continuing vigilance and ever-constant effort on the part of voters and their elected officials.

This is important to remember when trying to define Tim Pawlenty's effect on Minnesota's health care system. Is it pretty good? Of course it is. Is it so because of Pawlenty? Hardly. Our health care system today is relatively strong because of investments made, through smart taxation and revenue management, by legislators and governors ten, twenty, thirty years ago. The U. The Mayo Clinic. The list is long.

What has Tim Pawlenty done for health care? Tried to keep his promise to Grover Norquist and the Taxpayers' League not to institute any new taxes, and tried to close a budget hole by kicking thirty thousand desperate Minnesotans off of MinnesotaCare. This is one of the many reasons I've supported Steve Kelley's bid for the Governor's office - he fully recognizes that the state's government has not yet done enough to push the envelope, and come up with new ideas instead of bluntly kicking people off of state-funded health care to save a few bucks.

So we're ahead of Mississippi in the quality of our health care - so what? Pretty good is not good enough for Kelley. Today is not enough - how will we lead tomorrow? Tim Pawlenty has demonstrated that he is more concerned with keeping taxes low than with the future quality of our education and health care systems. Why not get both parties together, acknowledge that taxes are not evil, that some are necessary, that supply-side economics do not work in a rapidly globalizing economy, and that we as taxpayers are paying for common goods like health care and roads and education and that these are necessary for our future and that of our families, and we are happy to do so..

Strong, fully-funded public education is a strong economy, and it's a moral imperative for Senator Kelley. Making sure those thirty-thousand people didn't lose their health coverage was a moral imperative. It's not just the good of a voting majority the Governor of Minnesota must be concerned with - it's the good of every last person living in this state, whether they voted for you or not. I know that's the approach Senator Kelley will bring, and it's a major reason why I've supported him since the beginning of his campaign.

My apologies to RM - that turned into a much longer rant than your post necessitated. Perhaps now I won't have to actually write a post later on down the road actually issuing an official endorsement in the race :-)

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Blogger Mike S said:
If you want a candidate to solve our health care problems, there is not a candidate, or a person, in this state who can get us to universal coverage as fast as Becky Lourey. That's one reason I'm supporting her.
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