Friday, January 06, 2006



I agree with Northstar - the piece revealing that Kelly Doran will choose Sheila Kiscaden as his running mate represents a pretty shoddy piece of reporting for a dedicated political journalist. Not only is Becky Lourey quite obviously not a metro-area male, it's not really an earthquake of political insight to reveal that each candidate will choose a running mate who complements their policies and geographic placement - in this case, the metro-area candidates will probably all choose running mates either from outside the Metro or who have strong state-wide name recognition. This isn't that difficult to figure out.

The most interesting part of this development is that Ms. Kiscaden is not actually a DFLer - she is an Independent who left the Republican Party a couple years back, and now caucuses with the DFL. Kelly Doran's made a big show of being a moderate, but in his position, I would be trying to woo
at least some from the moderate left and left wing of the DFL primary voter base. Being a moderate is all well and good, but you have to have a ticket to run on before you stand before the entire state for election.

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