Thursday, January 05, 2006


Comment from a former military recruiter

I'm not a big proponent of attacking the participants in any given political squabble or their values or beliefs, and certainly not their families. But in response to last night's CNN piece on the Duluth window sign controversy, I just had to re-post this comment from a former military recruiter regarding Sgt. Capan, the Army recruiter who works next door to the Kelley Campaign office there [posted on my dKos diary]:

He needs a briefing on why he is wearing the uniform. Being seen dumping mail from people in the garbage was dumb. Seems like a nice guy but he has a lot to learn. I would rip him a new a--hole.First rule of PR--refer the tough ones up the chain-"I'm sorry sir, I'm not qualified to comment on that,but I know someone who is." Never forget who you work for...And why. [reformatted for re-publication]

Don't kill the messenger, but at least be aware of who they are, what their job is, and how they go about doing it.

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