Monday, January 30, 2006


Back in town

Busy weekend, huh? Mike Ceresi will finally be entering the Senate race, the Stonewall Dems have had their endorsement meeting, Minvolved has continued getting off the ground, MDE has made more ridiculous claims about DFL organizations when actual news beyond mindless critiques has been short, and everyone seems to have forgotten that no one has dropped in the most recent polls - they've been conducted by a different polling firm. Each firm has different formulae for what they call a "likely voter", and Zogby (a Democrat) most certainly uses different critieria than Scott Rasmussen (a Republican). The real numbers most likely lie somewhere between the two results.

For a moment of partisan hackery, think for a moment about Tim Pawlenty getting 46% against Steve Kelley's 37% with 18% undecided - name recognition.....a few endorsements from DFL activist groups should help with that, and I predict the next head-to-head will be much closer.

You heard it here first.

[Update: Yes, I did have the numbers incorrect the first time around. However, if that 18% breaks 2:1 for the challenger as it historically does, you're looking at a very close race. Especially considering, as I mentioned above, Rasmussen's slight-right lean.]

In other news, Mark Ritchie is announcing his official entrance into the Secretary of State race. The details can be found over at LloydLetta, I don't want to clog up too much bandwidth here. I got an update from the campaign regarding the event, which should be a good one. While I appreciate being on a blogger mailing list maintained by a statewide campaign, I'm not sure which way I want to lean in the Secretary of State race. Either Ritchie or Christian Sande would be vastly superior to Mary Kiffmeyer, but officially their campaigns have been saying many of the same things. The only difference has been having a couple chances to actually meet Mr. Sande on a couple of occasions. I might have to toe the party line on this one and wait for the endorsement.

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