Thursday, December 15, 2005


Yet another post today - but this one's somewhat juicy

Now, I know that no one reads MDE these days....(pfft. I dunno what I'd do for that guy's readership) but once again partisan hackery seems to rule the day over there. MDE recently posted a commentary in a Duluth newspaper about the so-called "controversy" surrounding a truthful sign counting the casualties of the war in Iraq posted by a veteran in the window of Steve Kelley's gubernatorial campaign office. This editorial was written by one Randy Wanke, who sounds in the commentary like just another concerned Republican.

Only he's not. He is the Communications Director for the Center of the American Experiment, a well-known super-conservative think tank here in Minnesota. On their Speakers Bureau page, he is listed just above everyone's favorite conservative ass-rocket, John Hinderaker of PowerLine. From his bio page on AmExp's site:
Prior to joining American Experiment in March of 2005, Wanke served as the Communications Director for the Republican Party of Minnesota. He has also served as the Director of Legal Information for the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation in Washington, DC, and as Press Secretary for United States Senator Rod Grams.
Not exactly what I would call a balanced view on how moderate DFLers running for statewide office are. I wouldn't mind so much if we had some inkling of who this guy was before I started reading his commentary on MDE. But trying to pass this guy's carefully-worded conservative propaganda off as the thoughts of a mere concerned citizen borders on dishonest. At least try to give readers some clues as to who's writing the material you're putting before them.

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