Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Where we stand

We're approaching the home stretch of 2005...Let's see where we stand. Perhaps this is an excuse to fill space, perhaps not - we(I) report, YOU decide.

Kelly Doran has a lot of money.
Mike Hatch has very long position papers.
MDE has started attacking Steve Kelley in earnest.
Becky Lourey's website isn't very content-heavy yet.
Tim Pawlenty may be getting an Independent right-wing challenge. Bad position to be in for Mr. Pawlenty.

Amy Klobuchar still racking up endorsements, money, and support from DFLers while Rightie bloggers try to throw the old "unpatriotic because she doesn't support the President on the war" rag on her.
Publius has done some amazing digging on Kennedy and found that his campaign manager was a high-level Enron lobbyist. Kennedy's campaign has been thrown a financial lifeline by President Bush, but how much higher on the fundraising totem pole can he go?
Ford Bell isn't going away.
Patty Wetterling has some extremely low fundraising totals, but is soldiering on.

Sue Ek is in big, big trouble. Serious pickup opportunity in 15B for the DFL, and a potential equalizer in the House. Fireworks to come in the next legislative session. Clearly the crack has gotten to me. Replacing a DFLer (Opatz) with another DFLer will not lead to a pickup. Nice catch, Luke.

Wonderings of who Dan Becker will steal more votes from, Tarryl Clark of the DFL or Dan Ochsner of the GOP. Ochsner has been extremely quiet so far about his previously proclaimed support for the Bachmann amendment. Short-term message moderation is wonderful, isn't it?.

Blogger Luke Francl said:
Rep. Joe Opatz is a DFLer, so this race (unfortunately) will not lead to a DFL pickup in the Legislature.

Too bad, because it looks like Susan Ek is going down in flames.
Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed said:
MN Publius didn't dig anything up. They are recycling old hits from Janet Robert.
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