Friday, December 16, 2005


This is what we're up against

Got the image from a dKos diary by the immutable Tim Tagaris. It's from West Virginia, but the fanatical religious right-wing movement has a unique way of staying on message across the country. Even if it's a frothing, bigoted mockery of Freedom of Speech.

There are so many things wrong with this picture, I don't know quite where to start. Our colleagues on the political Right have grown fond of asking where DFLers stand on the statements of their national party's leaders, I say it's time our conservative brethren, who I fully accept as fellow Minnesotans and Americans, argumentative and disagreeable though they may be, say where they stand on this bigoted, ruthless, falsely-dichotomous filth.

Or, in laymen's terms, how do these people sleep at night?

Blogger lloydletta said:
Or if you just go locally, it's worth asking those who were at the 2004 Bachmann amendment rally how they felt about the signs: "Death Penalty for Homosexuals", "No Homos as Leaders" etc.
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