Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Senate: Ceresi in?

Never one to miss a chance to take a contrarian tilt at campaign issues, I'm not sure that Mike Ceresi's impending entrance into the US Senate race is the deal-breaker it's been made out to be recently. Certainly Mr. Ceresi brings solid state-wide name recognition and a big sack of money to the race, but these alone don't turn immediately into a win, in the endorsement or in the primary. His three opponents have been campaigning for months, and have now generated their own bases of support within the DFL heading toward caucuses in March. Interested observers have already seen three candidates together on stage several times, and a new face might be seen as an outsider to a group of qualified candidates already in the race.

In short, I don't think Ceresi changes the status of the race; Amy Klobuchar still has to be considered the frontrunner. Not quite sure where Ceresi slots in behind the leader though - solid second? Trailing Patty in hypothetical matchups? Let's wait for those Zogby battleground polls to come out :-)

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