Wednesday, December 14, 2005


SD15 Republican leadership in trouble?

If I were Ron Carey, I would be fuming right now, and considering some severe spankings for SD15 party leadership, over the gaffes being committed by Republican candidates in the upcoming special election (December 27th, St Cloudians). (Is it St Cloudians? Cloudites? St. Clouders? What? Educate me.)

First, Carey's party somehow endorses Sue Ek, a St. Paul resident whose claim to residency in St. Cloud is tenuous at best. Not good, but not a huge loss - she's running for a seat being vacated by a DFLer, after all. Lose the special, at least you forced the Dems to spend some money supportin their candidate.

But now that Dan Ochsner, the self-proclaimed "voice of integrity" has been caught with his pants securely around his knees. Did he think that the election's timeframe dictated that no one would find out that his campaign had doctored photos from a Bush-Cheney 2004 rally to make it look like Ochsner had real support? Or that no one would notice that big, family-friendly picture of him, his wife, and a baby that isn't theirs on the campaign website? (I admit, I was fooled by this one. Shame on me for not reading his lit carefully enough). Voice of integrity, my left foot. If he's got the lock on integrity voters, why not stand up and declare his support for the bigoted Bachmann Amendment instead of burying it on his website? If the mainstream media picks up on this, it will be bad, and will cement an already considerable DFL majority in the Senate.

I've only met Tarryl Clark once, very briefly, so I can't directly speak to her quality as a legislator, but come on. Ochsner's a radio host, and apparently a sleazy one at that. Can't the MN Republican Party do better than that?

As an aside, you may notice the Google Ads on the right sidebar. Haven't tested the format in all browsers yet, so there may be occasional funkiness on that issue. I also don't know yet how the actual ads will work, but if you see anything over there from time to time that interests you, throw a click (and thus a penny or two from Google's moneybags) my way. A guy's gotta eat, right?

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