Tuesday, December 06, 2005


SD15 Coverage

As usual, Lloydletta has some solid info on the three candidates running for Dave Kleis's state Senate seat. This looks like another solid pickup opportunity for the DFL; Tarryl Clark lost in a down year for the DFL (2002) by a very small margin. St. Cloud is still a tough area for DFLers, and the result will likely be closer than SD43 was, regardless of the election's timing two days after Christmas. Good one, Tim.

On a somewhat partisan note, I have to disagree with Eva's jab that Clark "hasn't met a spending program she doesn't like." This is a continuing issue in state politics, but it's not an insurmountable one. The core of the problem is, what are we willing to pay for? Flat roads? Good public schools? Health care coverage and cheaper prescriptions? These things are part of a public infrastructure that every one of us has a responsibility to support. It's not spending for the sake of spending, it's spending to invest in our state, our kids, and our future.

That didn't sound too overdramatic, did it?

Blogger North Star Politics said:
I just wish we could pick up that one last seat in the House...Senate pickups are nice, but with just one more seat in the House we can start to force Gov. Pawlenty's hand.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Well, that's true, but a solidly blue Senate is nothing to blow off either. The heavier the DFL majority in the Senate, the less chance the GOP has of even bringing their agenda to the floor, let alone getting things past a conference committee.
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