Friday, December 16, 2005


Rochester Coverage

I could regurgitate NorthStar Politics's coverage, but why? Andy Welti is young and a solid campaigner, known for making the door-knocking rounds in his district on a bike. The guy's in pretty darned good shape. In addition, I am generally in agreement with NSP that Kim Norton makes a hard win for the GOP down there - she has the education lobby behind her and came very close to unseating Bradley last time around. It will still be a hard road - Norton has to convince a few hundred past-Bradley-voters to either change their vote to her column or not vote this time around. However, with a win coming up 15B later this month, it won't take much for the DFL to pull off a sweep and take back the House and the Southwest office in the Capitol.

I missed last night's Minnetonka School Board study session regarding Dave Eaton's ID initiative , does anyone have details, by any chance?

[UPDATE] PZ Myers was there, and has a great post on the proceedings. Sounds like the Minnetonka science curriculum is safe for now. In any case, Pharyngula should be on everyone's daily reading list. This guy is great.

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