Friday, December 09, 2005


Our Illustrious Leader... in town today for a $1,000/plate fundraiser dinner for Mark Kennedy. It will be very interesting to see the fundraising and cash-on-hand figures for the Senate candidates next time those numbers come out.

In other news, Mr. Bush's approval rating in Minnesota has fallen to 33%. I don't have the exact numbers in front of me, but that says to me that pretty much everyone but hardline Republicans is either not sure or disapproving of his job performance right about now. Kudos to the DFL leadership for staying on message and wrapping Mark Kennedy up with his voting record, which, according to Brian Melendez, goes with the President almost every time. Good plug for Terri Bonoff in the article linked above, but I tend to agree with Ms. Bonoff that state and local political feelings tend to be a bit more personal. I'm not sure how much effect Bush personally had on the SD43 race, but the larger narrative of Republican-Party-in-disarray-and-corruption may have had an effect.

Speaking of disarray, last time I checked "Ox" still didn't have a website up for his special election bid in SD15, while his opponent, former DFL Associate Chair Tarryl Clark, is already well-organized, with a decent website up and field activities underway.....three weeks. Yikes, that's a short timeframe.

[UPDATE]: Ox for Senate is up, apparently.

Blogger lloydletta said:
Bush was not an issue in the Senate District 43 race. (Nor should he have been). The issues were state issues, and Intelligent Design creationism ended up hurting Judy Johnson big time. There is less evidence of this in the campaign, but I believe that Judy's support of the Bachmann amendment, and support of criminalizing abortion also worked against her. That's a pro-choice district - and David Gaither managed to obscure the abortion issue when he ran.
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