Saturday, December 10, 2005


More on 15B Special/Sue Ek Troubles

Wow. I'm sure other states have local bloggers this voracious in their investigative reporting....but --Wow--.

From Clever Peasantry:
CP has learned that Sue Ek was at one point in time the Vice Chair of the 4th Congressional District Republicans. Along with MN Publius, we are still busy gathering information on this point, but here is a picture of a Google cache that shows her listed on the 4th Congressional District's site as late as mid-November.
We have heard rumors that she left this post sometime during June or July. However, it is interesting that the website was not updated until at least mid to late November. Here is what the website looks like now.

By no means do we think this is a conspiracy, but surely the folks in the 4th Congressional District Republican group would have told the MN GOP that...well, Mrs. Ek wasn't exactly a St. Cloud resident. Stupidity is much more fun than conspiracy.
And then from Publius:
On July 9th, Sue Ek offically declared that she was a resident of St. Paul. As this is within the six month residency requirement, she is not eligable to be a candidate for the State House from district 15B.
With MPR on her case, I'm positive the mainstream media is covering this story as well, but it's still heartening to see local bloggers digging for information. These guys have done a hell of a job. And the comments in the CP post linked above are especially funny, and worth a read. In any case, Sue Ek is in BIG trouble. At this point both state parties would be silly not to sit up, take notice, and do something, especially with the extremely close numbers in the House.

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