Tuesday, December 06, 2005


MN Publius vs. KvM....Round 1: FIGHT!

If you haven't read either of these blogs, go there! Now! These guys have been at each others necks for months, and it's a really interesting read. As far as I can tell, a sizeable chunk of the back-and-forth consists of Kennedy vs. The Machine smearing Amy Klobuchar, and MN Publius hitting back (with support from DFLSenate) by slamming Mark Kennedy - the main difference being that Publius actually has a congressional voting record (Kennedy's) to work from, where KvM is putting words in Klobuchar's mouth and trying to tell us what she "really means" when she expresses support for our troops overseas. All in all, it's an extremely entertaining ; the recent cartoons of Mark Kennedy alone are worth the click.

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