Wednesday, December 07, 2005


MDE Wrong Again

Come on. Seriously. Weak sauce, MDE.

I haven't met Matt Thomas...don't know him from a hole in the wall. But I have spoken to the campaign about this, and in the same vein as MDE's previous error regarding the Kelley campaign, this is a non-issue. Matt Thomas is not being paid by the campaign, has been asked by the campaign to write some editorials for local media, and happens to have his own blog. So what?

Perhaps asking either him OR the campaign about it might shed a bit more light than MDE is willing to lend to this piddling matter. Clearly this is a somewhat-organized attempt to smear DFL candidates at all costs, and a weak attempt at that. Weak.

Blogger MN Liberal said:
I would suggest it's further proof that MDE is a little worried about the Kelley campaign:

1. Making a horribly tenuous claim that because the properties of a Word document implied it was once saved on a state computer meant that the Kelley campaign was using state money for campaigning.

2. Throwing this red herring about Matt Thomas.

3. Admitting turnout at a recent Kelley fundraiser was "incredible."

But, making careless claims is a sure sign of muckraking bloggers.
Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed said:
Read my post again.
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