Thursday, December 15, 2005


Follow-up to Trillin's research

In follow up to this: On Sue Ek and her website extolling her non-politician virtues but apparently showing her discussing who-knows-what with non-St. Cloud police officers.

While it's not solid proof that these are indeed St. Paul officers and not St. Cloud's finest, check this out:

Then carefully examine the paint job on the car behind the officer in photo 15 on Ms. Ek's website. Given the placement of the St. Cloud seal on the StC cruiser, as well as the placement and design of the stripe along the rear quarter, there is no way they could have the same paint job.

Now of course, the questions are 1) Does the St. Cloud PD has more than one paint job in service, and 2) What does the standard St Paul PD paint job look like? Someone get some photos up here! I'll be looking forward to an update on this from Tony of Always Right Usually Correct....

[UPDATE] Publius has some updated info on this matter - the officers in Ek's photo may be from Sauk Rapids. Nearby, but most definitely not in 15B. Not as serious an offense as we first thought, but next to Ms. Ek's residency issues alone, it was small potatoes anyway. Regardless, good job guys.

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Great site guys.
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