Monday, December 19, 2005


Ek off the 15B ballot

It's official - the Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled that Sue Ek cannot appear on the Special Election ballot in legislative district 15B next week. No current news on Dan Ochsner's alleged violations of campaign law, but to date I haven't seen a ton of traction for this one in the mainstream media. Regardless, still a strong pickup opportunity for the DFL, especially given that half of SD15 will be thinking about an ethically-challenged Republican ex-candidate a week from tomorrow.

Blogger Tony Muehlbauer said:
Dear Ox,

Yes I would like a Dan "Ox" Ochsner for State Senate lawn sign. Please send it to my home office. I want to let you know, that this is a very confusing document. I had a hard time understanding what I'm signing up for here.

And don't cum until Thursday. According to the Billings Method, I'll have to take my temp "downstairs" and let you know if you have the green light to "bring it" if you know what I mean :)


Sue Ek
Saint Paul, MN 55116
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