Sunday, December 11, 2005


Duluth sign conflict

At least as far as the blogosphere is concerned, I'd call this little snafu over. Erik has corrected the errors in his post on the matter, the Duluth paper has been notified of their error (silly non-techies and their easy-to-break polls), and I'm willing to give Erik a mulligan.

As for Steve Kelley himself and his campaign, his response to the matter is one more reason why I'm supporting his bid for Governor:

...It is important for me to hear from all points of view. As the media has, I hope, reported, a Vietnam veteran who does volunteer work for the campaign asked to put the sign up. He assured me that it would be accurate and I believe he has worked to make sure it is. It is an accident of timing and availability that my campaign office is next to the recruiting office.

For Scott, the sign is a tribute to the soldiers who are casualties in this war. For me, it is also an issue of protecting the freedom of speech that so many Americans have given their lives to defend. A free and democratic society should not be afraid of accurate information being displayed in a quiet way anywhere in our country.

I did not approve the posting of the sign for political purposes. I did it because to do otherwise would have conflicted with my principled belief in free speech and honest debate....

It's really that simple, folks.

Now, if only some other candidates in other races would make some news so I can chime in on that too!

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