Thursday, December 01, 2005


Campaign Finances

From Holly Ladh at the MN Daily (
Just because the rallies, debates and fliers for the 2006 state elections have not appeared yet, that does not mean the campaigns have not started — the race for money is already on. Potential and current candidates are dialing up for dollars, hosting fundraiser dinners and groveling for money to finance their statewide campaigns. All of this became very apparent with the recent announcement that both Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty and DFL candidate Kelly Doran will most likely opt out of Minnesota’s partial public financing system. This decision is a terrible precedent because it will lead to a race saturated in money, leaving voters out of the decision process.
No word yet on Becky Lourey's fundraising efforts, but the Kelley and Hatch campaigns have both had good success in early fundraising. I wouldn't exactly call either one "worried" just yet, especially with an election year and its concurrent increases in fundraising limits just around the corner.

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